The Aeropress provides a simple and convenient way to brew a single serving of coffee. We love the rich, smooth and balanced cup that it produces.

What you will need:

Micro filters for Aeropress or the Disk from Gooseneck Kettle
Burr Grinder
Gram scale
Your favorite coffee mug


17 grams of Wells Coffee 
240+ grams of filtered water

Time to Brew:

Phase 1- Bring water (30 grams more than you will need per cup) to a boil and grind your beans to a fine size. Place the plunger upside down inside the brewing tube with the black rubber part touching the top of the number 4 bubble.

Phase 2 - Once your water comes to a boil let it sit for 45 seconds. Place your coffee mug on the scale and tare it until it reads “0” (this step we’ll be explained momentarily).

Phase 3 – Place your paper filter in the basket and gently rinse. Turn Aeropress upside down (filter side up) and add coffee to the chamber. Lightly wet all the grounds, allowing approximately 20 seconds for the coffee to bloom.

Phase 3 – Fill the brew chamber with water to the top of the number 2 bubble. Gently stir the grounds with the coffee paddle and fasten the filter basket to the top chamber. Carefully tip the brewer to a 45-degree angle and swirl for 5-10 seconds.

Phase 4 – Flip the brewer (basket side down) onto your mug and plunge for 10 seconds, stopping once you hear a hissing sound.

Phase 5 – Place your mug back on the scale. The scale should only recognize the coffee weight, which will read between 95-105 grams. Dilute coffee with an additional 105 grams of water or until your scale reads between 205-210 grams.

Phase 6 – Remove your mug and drink deeply.