The Chemex is a pour over method used for multi cup coffee scenarios. We find it to be the best way to brew for larger groups of people or yourself (if you’re as passionate about coffee as us). It provides an extremely crisp and clean cup of coffee, highlighting the brighter notes of every roast, without losing body and depth.

What you will need:

Chemex (6, 8, or 10cup)
Chemex filters of choice
Gooseneck Kettle
Burr Grinder
Gram Scale


40 Grams of Wells Coffee
600+ grams of Filtered water 


Phase 1 – Bring your water to boil and grind your 40 grams of beans to a medium-course grind size. Place your Chemex on top of your scale, and place filter inside.

Phase 2 - Once your water comes to a boil let it sit for 45 seconds (or 205 degrees F). Next, rinse your paper filter with 70 grams of water (or more, as long as you leave 575g for the coffee) to get rid of the paper taste and to heat the device. Dump out the remaining water and add your freshly ground coffee to the Chemex, making sureto level out the bed of grounds.

Phase 3 – You're ready to brew! Tare your scale so that it reads “0”. Next pour your water slowly into the center of the Chemex until your scale reads 50g, making sure to cover all of the coffee without directly hitting the sides of the paper filter. Now let your coffee sit for 40 seconds as it goes through its de-gassing process known as “the bloom”. 

Phase 4 – Once the 40 seconds are up, begin your steady pour in a counter-clockwise motion. Continue your pour, keeping the Chemex 2/3 full until you hit 575 grams on your scale. Once you reach 575 grams, stop the pour and wait for the last of the water to leave the V60. Brew time should be between 2 1⁄2 and 3 1⁄2 minutes.

Phase 5 – Remove filter, pour coffee, grab some friends, and drink deeply.