The Clever Dripper is a full immersion brewing method. We think it’s a simple way to begin “craft” brewing your fresh roasted coffee. The Clever very painlessly produces an articulate and bodied cup of coffee. It’s our first choice for easy brewing over the traditional French Press.

What you will need:

Clever Dripper (L)
Filtropa (100 x 4) coffee filters
Gooseneck Kettle 
Burr Grinder
Gram Scale
Wooden stirrer


27 grams of Wells Coffee
450 grams of Filtered water (we add 50 grams of water to your total for rinsing)


Phase 1 – Bring your water to boil and grind your 27 grams of beans to a medium coarse grind size. Place the filter inside of the Clever and rinse thoroughly. Discard hot water.

Phase 2 – Place the Clever on top of your scale. Add 27 grams of coffee and then tare your scale so that it reads “0”. We also recommend placing the plastic coaster between the Clever and your scale. Some scales react poorly to heat and may not weigh accurately.

Phase 3 – Slowly pour approximately 40-50 grams of water over the coffee. Allow the coffee to “bloom” for 30-40 seconds. Enjoy the lovely aromas and then carefully pour the remaining water over the coffee until your scale reads 400 grams. Break the crust with your wooden stirrer, gently folding the coffee into the water. Place the lid on top of the Clever and set your timer for 3 minutes.

Phase 4 – Place the Clever on your favorite brewing vessel and watch it “magically” empty your coffee into the cup.

Phase 5 - Remove Clever, grab some friends, and drink deeply.