The Bonavita Coffee Maker has passed the test for a great cup of coffee that is both time efficient and user friendly. It is an automatic coffee brewer that controls temperature and water flow to help give you a more consistent cup of coffee with the ease of flipping a switch. Oh, it also makes a whole liter of coffee, so invite some friends!

What you will need: 

Bonavita Coffee Maker
Paper Filters (we recommend Filtropa filters #4)
Burr Grinder
Gram Scale
60 Grams of Wells Coffee
1 Liter of water


8.5 grams of Wells Coffee per 5oz of water


Phase 1 - Weigh and Grind your 60 grams of whole bean coffee on a Medium/Fine grind setting. 

Phase 2 - Pour in 1 liter (1000 grams) of water into your Bonavita coffee maker.

Phase 3 – Pre-rinse your coffee filter to get rid of any paper taste and residue that might obstruct your coffee.

Phase 4 - It’s time. Empty grounds into the filter, place into your machine, and flip the switch. Your Bonavita will take it from there!

Phase 5 - Remove the filter basket from the carafe, tighten down the lid and pour your cup. And never forget to always Drink Deeply!